What are the forms of payment?

Credit card: You can use MASTER-CARD or VISA. Your data are transmitted over a secure connection, encrypted and protected as per the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol. This way your credit card details travel encrypted to Banco Sabadell, where your card is charged and therefore your data is never accessible to anyone else. This form of payment is immediate.

Bank transfer: You can make a wire transfer for the total amount of your order to the name of Antonio García S.L., to the account number indicated when you confirm your order. All bank commissions are to be paid by the customer. A copy of the bank transfer receipt can be sent to us by email to info@zapateriaantoniogarcia.com. This form of payment takes 24 to 48 hours.

PayPal: If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will pay quickly and safely with your PayPal account or with your debit or credit card, without sharing financial information with www.zapateriaantoniogarcia.com. You will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you can enter your Banking information or your PayPal account details. Once done, you will be redirected to www.zapateriaantoniogarcia.com where you will confirm payment.

 What taxes do I pay?

Our prices have excludes VAT (value added tax). When selecting the destination where your order is to be sent to www.zapateriaantoniogarcia.com the taxes are calculated, if applicable. VAT is only charged on orders sent within the EU, with the exception of EU companies (not Spanish) who have a European VAT number.

If your order is being sent to a country within the EU no other taxes will be charged, only if the order is to be sent to a country outside of the EU it must pass customs and you will be charged with import duties and taxes. For further information you must contact your local authorities.

What is "ID"?

When registering on www.zapateriaantoniogarcia.com you are asked to fill in your “ID". Here you must indicate your NIF, NIE, passport number, or ID card number (Carte Nationale D'Identité) as this a legal requirement in Spain


I am having problems paying by credit card. What can I do?

You are also able to make a wire transfer to our bank.

Antonio García, S.L
IBAN: ES66 0081 5125 58 0001328138


Once we have received payment we shall process your order.

What if my order is damaged during transport?

Any damage produced during transport must be claimed within 24 hours of the receipt of the goods. Take a photo of the product and send it with your personal data and your order number to www.zapateriaantoniogarcia.com


Can I return or exchange a product?

We are sure of the quality of our products, but if you wish to return any one to us you are able to do it, with the transport and customs duties costs prepaid, within 15 days of the receipt of your order. We offer the possibility to send a replacement or return your money to you. "Please see our return policy"